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Many workplace injuries or illnesses have devastating effects on a person’s life, especially if these develop into a permanent condition, causing disability and leaving the employee unable to work. Besides medical bills, an employee has to take care of his family, all of that while left without his main source of income.

Every year, thousands of employees rely on the state’s workers’ compensation system to recover their financial benefits and provide with them some sort of financial aid. However, the sad fact is that not every employee receives these financial and Long Beach disability benefits. Many are denied their work comp claim and are left with no help.

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Why is your work comp claim denied? What is the reason behind it? Each and every claim is put through the Utilization Process, and during this process the administrators review the claim and determine whether or not the request should be granted or denied. There are many things these administrators take into consideration, and sadly, many claims are left denied.

This is not the end. Even though a lot of employee stops pursuing their financial help, this is not where it should all stop. With a help from a proper workers compensation attorney, even a work comp claim can be reevaluated and the case reestablished. If your claim got denied, do not lose your hope. The decision can be disputed through a process known as the IMR (Independent Medical Review). IMR process allows other doctors (not only those working for the insurance company) to review the case and approve the request.

Note that every doctor and health provider assigned to the claim only knows of the claimant and his/her situation through what information they were provided by the insurance company. This is why you need legal representation, to ensure that the insurance company doesn’t play with your life for their selfish reasons.

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If you decided to appeal to the initial decision made by the administration, don’t attempt the IMP process without a proper legal representation. Workers compensation lawyers in Long Beach are here for you and are ready to fight for you. They are one phone call away, and so is help. Don’t wait longer than you should, for time is of the highest essence. Help them help you put your life back together, and receive what is legally owed to you.

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