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Once an employee suffers from a work related injury that caused permanent or temporary disability, their life will sail south. They will lose their main source of income and with it, the opportunity to work. Being disabled means you require special care, and in order to pay for it, you will need a stable financial source.

Luckily, the state offers financial aid to those in need. Every injured worker is entitled to workers compensation issued by the state. To receive it, simply file your injury report to your supervisors and let them know what is going on. After that, it is their job to file for your work comp claim.

Work comp provides several different types of benefits to workers injured on the job, including:

  • Medical benefits – care that is required to “relieve or cure” the effects of an injury or illness
  • Mileage benefits – reimbursement for travel expenses accrued as a result of the injury or illness
  • Temporary disability benefits – payments for earnings lost while recovering from an injury or illness that has no permanent affects
  • Permanent disability benefits – payments for earnings lost as a result of a “permanent and stationary” injury or illness
  • Job retraining benefits – vouchers for skill enhancement training

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Every employee suffering from a work related injury or illness is eligible to apply for workers compensation, as well as other financial programs that support injured workers. One such is Social Security Disability Insurance program. The SSDI program is a federal program designed to help injured and disabled individuals who are no longer able to perform their work duties due to a condition developed at workplace.

Although the SSDI program is designed to help those suffering from long-term or permanent injuries, a worker with a temporary injury may be able to collect SSDI benefits if:

  • An employer and their insurance carrier are disputing whether or not an injured worker should receive work comp benefits. SSDI benefits may be paid temporarily to the worker while the dispute is being resolved.
  • SSDI benefits are higher than workers’ compensation benefits.

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An injured employee may be able to collect both SSDI benefit and work comp benefits if his work history qualifies him for both of these programs.

If you are not sure whether you qualify for these programs or not, speak to our knowledgeable workers compensation attorney Long Beach and find out anything you want to know. Our workers compensation lawyers in Long Beach are ready to take your case, counsel you and provide you with legal advice, as well as help you receive these financial benefits. Going though it alone is a dangerous mission, one where you risk losing it all. Instead, hire a legal representative with resources and knowledge needed to recover your financial benefits, and while does all the work for you focus on getting the much needed care.

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Call now for a free consultation with one of our available Long Beach workers comp attorneys and receive a free case evaluation, as well as all the information regarding these two programs and your case. You are not alone, and should not go through this by yourself. We understand your pain and suffering and want to help you on your journey to seek justice. If your have any questions, see workers compensation lawyers Long Beach questions  or contact Long Beach workers compensation lawyers.

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